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UNDERDOG Sports Top Disc Sales 2024 January - April

Thanks to a huge pack of Central Illinois disc huckin' dawgs, we're happy to list the top new discs of January through April 2024. The list has some surprises!

These include sales from both stores' customers. This list includes sales from not only our Central Illinois players but also those visiting from many states.

We're very grateful to the many Central Illinois Disc Golf Clubs who get the work done on the courses, run so many excellent events, and support the training of the next generations of disc golfers. We're also grateful for everything Ledgestone brings to the community. Without all of these people, there would be no list. Thank you!

Rank Mold Company

1 Pixel MVP

2 Envy AxiomMVP

3 Crave AxiomMVP

4 Buzzz Discraft

5 Time Lapse MVP

6 Glitch MVP

7 Hex MVP

8 Insanity MVP

Wraith Innova

10 PA-3 Hockey Prodigy

Wizard Gateway

12 Reactor MVP

Wave MVP

14 Aviar Innova

Destroyer Innova

16 Boss Innova

17 Beast Innova

Berg Kastaplast

Nomad MVP

Paradox Axiom

Pitch MVP

Rollo Innova

Tern Innova

Valkyrie Innova

25 Pathfinder Tht Space

Pyro MVP

Watt MVP

28 Fireball Axiom

Leopard3 Innova

Thunderbird Innova

31 Anode MVP

Atom MVP

Cicada Discraft

Photon MVP

Roc3 Innova

Tesla MVP

37 Firebird Innova

P2 Discmania

River Latitude 64

Roadrunner Innova

41 Brave Latitude 64

Buzzz SS Discraft

Volt MVP

Zone OS Discraft

45 Destiny DD

Emperor Inf Discs

Explorer Latitude 64

Lift Streamline

Loki Viking

Mamba Innova

P1 Discmania

Runway Streamline

Terra MVP

TL3 Innova

Trace Streamline

Venom Discraft

57 Construct Tht Space

Curl Lonestar

Drift Streamline

Entropy MVP

FD1 Discmania

Leopard Innova

Nuke Discraft

Proxy Axiom

Rune Viking

Sapphire Latitude 64

Shryke Innova

Sidewinder Innova

Tactic Discmania

Zone Discraft

71 Athena Discraft

Buzzz OS Discraft

Deputy DD

F3 Prodigy

Flare Streamline

Fuse Latitude 64

Grace Latitude 64

Heat Discraft

Inertia MVP

Invader Innova

IT Innova

Jet Streamline

Katana Innova

King Westside

Luna Discraft

P3X Discmania

Pine Westside

Roman Inf Discs

Saint Latitude 64

Shogun Discmania

Signal MVP

Teebird Innova

Trespass DD

95 CD1 Discmania

Chariot Inf Discs

Colossus Innova

Conqueror Inf Discs

Crown Westside

D1 Prodigy

DD3 Discmania

Devil Hawk Gateway

Dynasty Inf Discs

FD3 Discmania

Fury 2 Discmania

Hades Discraft


Jackalope Mint

Jade Latitude 64

Link Discmania

Mad Cat Lonestar

Mana Tht Space

Maya Inf Discs

MD1 Discmania

MD3 Discmania

Mustang Mint

Nimitz Lonestar

Panic Axiom

Pierce Driver Discraft

Pilot Streamline

Pneuma Tht Space

Pure Latitude 64

Raptor Discraft

Resistor MVP

Savant Innova

Sea Otter Wild

Serpent Reptilian

Servo MVP

Spear Gateway

TL Innova

Toro Innova

Truth DD

Uplink MVP

Vandal DD

Xcaliber Innova

Zenith MVP


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