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UNDERDOG sighting at 2018 Bowl for Kids Sake

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region invited us to support them at the 2018 Bowl for Kids Sake. We staffed a booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which gave us the opportunity to play games with super people.

As a primary fund raiser, BFKS 2018 raised over $35,000 which funds 50 matches over the course of the next year. The funding supports current matches plus a list of more than 160 kids awaiting a big sister or brother.

We had a deck of giant cards and gave away dozens of flowered leis for the Aloha theme. Bowlers played "In or Out" where they drew two cards to set the boundaries. Then they declared if the next card would be "In" the two boundary cards or "Out".

Kelly and I enjoyed the time interacting with all of the BBBS supporters and hopefully they had fun too. We also had a putting green game. Some golfers scored leis with that contest too.

The Big Brother Big Sister organization employs a wonderful bunch of people who we appreciate. We hope this first event needs our support for many years to come.

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