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UNDERDOG Sports, Memorabilia & Games was founded to serve Central Illinois with a place to buy used, but perfectly good equipment and games at affordable prices.

We sell NEW & USED sporting goods.

We RECYCLE sporting goods in order to reduce waste and save you money.

Please consider donating or selling to us. Your gear will help the less fortunate, local kids that need a mentor, educational and after school assistance, or just a place to play. Our proceeds have supported and will continue to support local schools, local sports teams, cancer research, lung research, crisis nurseries, less fortunate mom support and more.


Let's keep kids into sports and out of trouble!

 "2019 SHS State Champ - 2B"
"Chief of Sports"
"Customer Problem Solver"

Zo knows baseball, and some of his reviews demonstrate how much he helps customers. Baseball runs deep in his family with Dad and brothers coaching and playing too. As a current umpire, he's seen a ton on the field and off! 

Joe delivers a ton of knowledge as a collegiate baseball and football player who still plays today He's all heart, working to make a difference in Peoria sports with underprivileged youth and ready to help you too. We're happy Joe joined the team in 2022.

Noah knows baseball and softball better than any around! Joining the team in 2022, he's quickly made major impacts in helping kids get exactly the gear they need. He also regrips bats like a super-ninja and sharpens skates like a blademaster. 

Paul layton


"Head Coach & Equipment Manager”


Paul brings together a blend of playing, coaching, engineering management and customer delight experience in Lean Startups. UNDERDOG Sports follows the latest research in Lean thinking which also gets us very close to our customers while building out product lines that they want. It's all about our customer family.

Kelly Layton


"Chairwoman of Heart and Soul"

Kelly delivers a wealth of experience in women's sports from her days playing for Southeast. What side? She's also adept in managing businesses having worked in leadership roles for many years. She came up with the name! We all know everybody loves the UNDERDOG.

Hayden Pulliam
"Rookie Of the Year"

Hayden has plenty of experience with regripping bats & golf clubs plus skate sharpening. Well known in local circles, he brings a helpful attitude to all customers. He's known for building haunted houses, don't be afraid because he's really a nice guy! 


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