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We offer new bats and lots of used for all types of needs. We put new grips or tape on most bats. There are plenty of reasons to buy used bats!
- Your kid is trying the sport for the first time.
- Your kid needs to progress with a heavier or longer bat in practice.
- Used composite is broken in.
- You want to try a new model.
- You want to save money because aluminum doesn't go bad very easily.
- Personal home protection.

Central Illinois customers like you sell us all brands of bats across many eras. We have 80 year old corkball bats, red hot 201x Xenos, BBCOR, USSSA, USA, ISA, ASA and more.

We also stock new Demarini, Easton, Franklin, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings and Worth bats. If we don't have it, we will order one!

2021 Spring Bats 2.jpg

Having coached various sports for over two decades, we know the importance of cleaning and disinfecting cleats. Every pair of used cleats go through an upright wash cycle with detergent and bleach. We dry them and inspect for issues, fixing those we can and discounting those we can't. These cleats often look and perform like new. Many cleats get so little use, so they're easy to recycle (and remember, we still disinfect all used cleats, no matter the condition). Why buy used?

Cleat clean1 and dirty1.jpg

- Your kid is trying the sport for the first time.
- Your kid needs metal & rubber/plastic cleats and turf shoes too!
- Your kid lost their cleats and there's two weeks left in the season.
- You want a pair of grass-cutting cleats for safety on hills.

Base.softball Cleats.jpg

Helmets are designed to be tough! We can scrub them up and use them again. We stock new and used for all sizes of kids and for t-ball, softball and baseball. Helmets are always cleaned and disinfected.
- We stock softball face masks for most brands.
- We stock many brands and colors of face shields for baseball.
- We can fix a helmet that's lost a screw or needs a new chin strap.
- We also stock new and used  fielder's masks.


We hear from customers over and over again because it's true! USED gloves are better than new because they're conditioned and ready to play. Most new gloves require a break-in period. We carry new and used gloves because we just can't keep them in stock.
- We stock softball and baseball gloves, 1st base mitts and catcher's mitts.
- We carry new Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Easton and Rawlings gloves.
- Need to repair a glove? We have repair kits.
- We also carry conditioning oils and pastes from Champro & Wilson.

At UNDERDOG Sports, you can try on gloves and toss a ball
around outside to make sure it works for you and/or your kid!


Talk about rugged gear, catcher's gear is durable by design. We have new kits and components and used gear too. All of our catcher's chest protectors, shin guards and knee savers go through a full washing with detergent and virus-killing bleach.
- We stock complete kits and components.
- New Champro Catching Gear Kits and Wilson are stocked.
- NOCSAE certified and stamped gear stocked (required for school).
- We also carry new and used knee savers.
- Helmet and hockey style masks in store.
- Umpire shin guards and masks at the Dawg too!

Our primary stock of batting gloves are Prosway, Evoshield, Franklin, Louisville Slugger and Rawlings. Batting gloves don't last as well as catcher's gear, but used batting gloves do sometimes come into the store used and in really nice shape. As always, we wash them all in bleach to assure they are clean and ready to play!
- We stock Youth XXS - XS - S - M - L - XL
- We stock Adult S - M - L - XL - 2XL
- Lots of colors in stock.
- Custom order gloves for your team with colors and even a logo.


UNDERDOG Sports works hard to stock the thing you need to succeed as a coach, parent, manager or player. We have coaching dry-erase boards, lineup cards, scorebooks, pitch counters, bat grips, bat weights, eye black, pine tar bags, pine tar sticks, rosin bags, training balls, softball & baseball socks, softball & baseball belts, wristbands, glove conditioner, stop watches and more.

Stop by and check us out! EVERYBODY LOVES THE UNDERDOG!

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