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UNDERDOG Sports & Fanfare Top 151 Discs in 2023

We didn't want to wait for a year-end analysis when you gotta know what to throw in Central Illino!

Without further ado, we attached a PDF of the top 151 discs sold from January 1 through August 9, 2023 at UNDERDOG Sports Peoria and Springfield. The top 32 are listed here for a faster read.

1 Destroyer Innova

2 Glitch MVP

3 Crave MVP

4 Aviar Innova (A pro bought 20 for practice, moving this up the list)

5 Buzzz Discraft

6 Envy MVP

6 Venom Discraft

8 Firebird Innova

9 Wizard Gateway

10 Wave MVP

10 Zone Discraft

12 Wraith Innova

13 Proxy MVP

14 Insanity MVP

14 Sidewinder Innova

14 Thunderbird Innova

17 Volt MVP

18 Beast Innova

18 Hades Discraft

18 Hex MVP

18 Photon MVP

18 Toro Innova

23 Atom MVP

23 Roadrunner Innova

25 Boss Innova

25 Cloud Breaker Discmania

25 Trace MVP

28 Armadillo Lonestar

28 Leopard Innova

28 Luna Discraft

28 Pilot MVP

32 Zeus Discraft

33 Charger Innova

33 Eagle Innova

33 FD Discmania

33 Heat Discraft

33 ROC3 Innova

33 Virus MVP

39 Felon Trilogy

39 Mustang Mint

39 Paradox MVP

39 Penny Putter Lonestar

It wouldn't be nice if we didn't discuss this a bit. We are not favoring any manufacturer. This is simply our sales over a period. Many of the discs were available over the entire period, some were not. Some ran out of stock, some did not. So please don't take this list too seriously. For example, destroyers were available for the entire period, but Lonestar discs were not.

Jan 1 - Aug 9 2023 Top Discs
Download PDF • 240KB

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