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  • Does UNDERDOG accept or pickup donations? (HINT: YES!)
    We take donations and will pick up items from your home or business if you schedule a time with us. Store based donations can be dropped off anytime and please call us to schedule a pickup at 217-993-9888
  • Do we buy used sporting goods, memorabilia and games?"
    YES! We appreciate the region's support of UNDERDOG through selling and donating items to the cause. Our BUY PAGE lists the items we purchase. Sometimes we fill up the shelves and our storage with items. When this happens, we appreciate getting names and numbers to contact when we need to buy again. So when we're full, if you don't mind holding on for a bit, we want to buy your stuff!
  • How do we value gear?
    We appreciate buying gear that's clean and in good condition. We can buy dirty gear, but will deduct for the need to clean. We cannot buy damaged items, sorry. We value gear by using the "Sold Items" feature in Ebay or the PGA value guide for golf clubs. We offer 50% of the value found on Ebay. For golf clubs, we pay the trade-in value from the PGA guide.
  • Do we regrip clubs, sharpen skates and regrip bats?"
    YES, YES, and YES!
  • Do we custom design cornhole sets?
    YES! We're happy to work with you on a custom cornhole board design that has your favorite picture, team, family names or messages. Weddings, family reunions and personal gifts can all be designed just for you! Here's our very own Molly with a ball and a Springfield, IL skyline!
  • Is UNDERDOG Sports, Memorabilia & Games a nonprofit?"
    Our profits go to kids' charities. We are not setup as a nonprofit organization because we're just getting started and feel we need to be nimble. We may change this at a future date, but to get the business off-of-the-ground we feel this is the best way to start. We pledge to be very transparent with our contributions will report those on this website each year. We keep a contribution counter running on the front page to update anyone on our progress. Our first $450, sporting goods and games were donated before we made a sale.
  • Do you buy and sell trading cards? (Sorry, no...) But why?"
    We started looking into trading cards and found a complex environment filled with counterfiets and forgeries, so we opted out. We have received many thousands of card donations that we give away to kids. Free card and swap nights will be happening in January and February!
  • Do you have a real mascot?
    YES! Molly, our mixed breed underdog is our official mascot.
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