Iron Sets

Iron Sets

From first-timers to scratch golfers, UNDERDOG has both new & used irons to help bolster performance. All manufacturers can be found at various times in our used clubs. We proudly source Wilson new golf products, as the manufacturer with the best overall performance and value. We carry new


Wilson C300, D350 and D300 irons which all enhance performance and are designed to help the average to low handicap golfer.


We also carry used Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, Wilson/Staff and other brands subject to availability that comes and goes. Our store changes every week!


  • Why do we prefer Wilson/Staff?

    How can we claim Wilson/Staff has superior performance?


    1. They know they lost their way after Pepsi bought them and have invested many millions to develop the latest in performance enhancing technology. We have the Cortex driver to prove it. Come and see the latest in irons too.

    2. They have more major victories than any other brand.

    3. Now that they're back, they are pushing the limits with new R&D and development. The result of Driver vs Driver 2, the Cortex, outperforms Callaway Rogue, Ping G400, Taylormade M3 & M4 and Cobra F8+ in robot testing.